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Delhi's Colonies

Delhi's illegal colonies numbering 1500 inhabited by approx. 2000 people each, are being regularized. Then, colonized delhi may get better facilities. And, may be, i am not sure, delhi may just rise up a few ranks to become a more livable.

Beer Unlimited

Liquor shops in the Capital will be open 10 am to 10 pm. So any time is booze time, delites. With the heat not taking a break, beer is what every delite will love from 10 am onward.

A fair of books

The annual book fair in delhi starts on 16-24th Sept, 06. We will get to see online sellers also. That was the funny part, online sellers are selling offline. That would be interesting. Secondly, we will get to see book sellers from Pak, China, US, Iran and Mauritius. A strange combination.

Huda - Faridabad scheme closes today

The dream to buy a piece of land in Delhi , at reasonable prices closes today. Yes, the Huda - Faridabad scheme is closing today. Many banks are financing the earnest amount. They are charging varying interest rates. Check out SBI rates. You may find them reasonable at 9% pa. Don't forget to take passport size pics, PAN card, identity card, the usual stuff. Good luck...

cold delhi..coming

On the verge of winter, delhites are looking forward to the cold nights and hot romances. The rains had come and gone, delhi deluge has not materialized. Thank god.. The Big Question is will the winter be colder than usual?. If it is, then you should book your hotel room in the hills early. Shimla will be costlier than ever. But snowfall , if it happens, when you are there, then, it would be money's worth. What is winter without the snow. And, being with your snowhite, would also make the memories memorable (on the hill top). You know what i am thinking... no not that.. early winter is on my mind. Picnics, hot chats, tikkis, .. ooh the smells are invading.

10th Floor Delhi

I never knew that delhi would look so different from the 10th floor of my appartment. All this, after spending 8 long years in delhi. I had missed out, on things like this. I would post some pic in future, after i get my digital cam, but i sure am of the results. The nights look hopeful and day, circuitry.