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Sealing Delhi

Delhi is the city, we all call home. Anything that takes place here, which in some manner affects us all, has to be shared, debated and reconciled. Same is true with the sealing of commercial establishments in residential areas, scheduled to re-commence from 1.11.2006.

The story till now..

Every individual has a right to earn his livelihood. So, people have a right to operate commercial establishments. Some happen to be in residential areas. Shops in residential areas, are an undue nuisance for most of the residents who have no commercial interest in their colonies. Now the residents go the judiciary and plea a just cause, that, residential areas should be residential area devoid of ‘commercial activity’. The judiciary, takes up a just cause and imposes, an all round sealing of commercial establishments in residential areas. Owner’s of commercial establishments are horrified at the loss of livelihood. They get together, use their collective strength and take on both the elected representatives and the judiciary. As elected representatives have to go back to the people who elect them, every few years (depending of strength dynamics), they decide to tinker and accommodate the powerful commercial interests. Judiciary thinks otherwise. Sealing process, which was sealed for some time, is re-scheduled for 1st November, 2006. Delhites are ready this time, to brace long jams, may be storages of items, rising prices, violence and ultimate reconciliation.

Consider this! If there is a way to decongest the city, let’s say by 2010, the time of Commonwealth Games, without the hullabaloo, wouldn’t that be great. But the question is how? So the lesser known story unfolds..

There are 4 years to give effect to this plan. The government comes out, with a set of norms (like bed and breakfast scheme), where, you have the right to operate commercial establishment, if you adhere to certain stringent rules and regulations. The rules can be framed by town planners, taking into view, the major difficulties faced by residents. Some of the difficulties can be addressed immediately and some will be accommodated as per certain laid down time frame, which under no circumstance, will be changed by anybody in power. The norms and rules, and also the fines get tougher each year, because, the major grievances of residents are to be addressed. Then after a few years, colonies are left with a few shops (most can’t adhere to the norms or pay huge fines) and the residents aren’t bothered by them anymore.

The story looks good on paper doesn’t it. But, you know, delhites (you are one of us), they will coax, cajole and convince by means and methods, unthinkable before, and then get what they want. Delhites have that caliber. So, years will pass, the shops will stay, and residents will face the same old problems. So, they will go to the Judiciary, and ask for relief, and sealing of shops will start. Aren’t we, where we started.

So the story continues….


Anonymous said…
Howdy all, I just registered on this delightful discussion board and wished to say gday! Have a good day!

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