How to buy second hand mobile phone?

Thinking of buying a second hand mobile handset. Think again, it may be a stolen handset. So how to go about buying a second hand mobile handset. Follow these steps:-
Genuine Dealers: Go to a genuine dealer of mobile handsets. If you know somebody in the trade, it is better.
Choosing a model: It is always preferable to buy a mobile in the mid level price range. Because the lower end models are not available and the higher end mobile handset are most probably stolen ones.
Verification: Verify whether the mobile phone you are purchasing is a stolen one or not. To verify you require IMEI number of the mobile phone you are going to purchase. You can also get it by dailing *#06# on the phone. Then go to ZIPNET and enter the IMEI number and see whether the mobile is stolen one or a genuine one.
This whole process is recommended even when you purchase a new mobile handset.


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