Intimacy Is Toxic

Dr. Richard A. Friedman, MD, in an article in 'The New York Times' informs that parental pressures to get social has forced some young people to take drastic steps whereas they are perfectly normal being single.

Being single has gained legitimacy owing to the vigorous nature of the world today but prevalent social mindset would take time to accept this fact. There are lot of people I know, who would prefer their career to parenthood and marriage. These people are not 'disturbed minds' as are normally thought, they are, in fact really brilliant beings who are obsessed with what they are doing.

There is also a fling side to this state of behavior. Gay and lesbian culture is being attributed to these group of young single people who have money but not the time to take up responsibility of marriage and parenthood.

Look at it this way, young people will choose what they want and every generation is different from their predecessors. These young singles are financially well of and are help to solve the population problem. Malthus is right, but he would have been surprised the myriad directions his population theory has taken.


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