Is it the right time to get married? Find out

With matrimonial websites doing a roaring business and the marriage season on the cards, it is a good time to visit the subject.

What is the prospect of finding a good bride for an Indian male? Statistics says, he has 0.9 per cent chance. With every 1000 males there are 900 females in India. The ratio’s are getting a bit skewed, lately. So, the prospect to getting married in this life time seems bleak in the country.

But then, there is still hope. You need not loose sleep, if your local match maker fails to find you a bride, or the matrimonial website you registered with gave you listings of would be brides who were not a proper match for you.

Try these options:-

(i) Get a call centre job: The prospect of finding a bride is high here, but then, there are people like you prying also. You have to make an attempt and before that you have to read ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by Dr. John Gray’ to brighten up your changes;

(ii) Being Single: Explore the other side of being single. You can flirt you virtually anybody. Be part of as many live – in relationships as you like. And add to it, there is no responsibility. You will always be that 21 year chap, you once were, and lastly;

(iii) Take a Russian bride: Maria Arbatova in her best selling memoir ‘A Taste of India’ has recommended Indian male to unmarried Russian women. In fact, she has taken an Indian as her husband. So, find a Russian (women) and gift here Maria’s memoir, and then, wait. If she shows the signs, then you know what to do (gosh you have already read Dr. John Gary book, haven’t you).

Good luck, for I am already married.


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