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James Bond: Do you really know him?

Why James Bond? Why now?

The answer is simple. The present collective memory of 'Mr. Bond' has made him lovable and we are willing to forget 'Her Majesty's' lineage. He is hot now and running 'FULL HOUSE'. Mr. Bond is as much a British Agent as he can be a 'Delhite'(The prevalent thought is that Mr. Bond is an original Delhite or sort of.). So here is list of notable bond enemies from 'Howstuffworks' to increase our general knowledge(or to test our GK) :-

  • Dr. Julius No -- an atomic scientist who reportedly lost both of his hands
  • Auric Goldfinger -- a gold-obsessed smuggler who also works for SMERSH, a Russian espionage agency
  • Oddjob -- Goldfinger's henchman
  • Max Zorin - a genetically engineered psychopath
  • Jaws - a massively strong, steel-dentured man
  • 006 -- a former MI6 Agent
  • Elliot Carver -- a warmongering media mogul
But then you have to grow up to Spectre, the master villain of them all. All movies end here.


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