A new Electricity Bill - 14 months in the making

It seems consumer dissatisfaction over the quality of service rendered by the private power distributors in the capital has forced the Delhi government to express dissatisfaction over the power scene.

So the distributors after interactions with consumers and 14 months of diligence have come up with a new electricity bill which will address major concerns like consumer details, connection details and bill amount in the front page. The electricity bill would be made available in several languages, a distinctive feature of the bill. This new bill will be available in three months.

What about availability of power in the city? Nobody has an answer to the regular power cuts. But, then, there is still hope. With the city gearing up for the Commonwealth Games 2010, and slew of power projects at hand, may be 2011 would be a different year as far as power cuts are concerned, when we can at last bid adieu to this problem.


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