Last day of the month is the payday for employees of any organization. In Government Offices, you know the atmosphere on any working day. But on payday, the attendance is in full strength. Everybody seems to have that good cheer, which was just missing the other day. All have come to the office on time and are committed to complete the work assigned to them with all their diligence. Then, sometime in the afternoon, the pay time arrives and there is a long queue before the cashier. A motley crowd is seen near the cashier sharing jokes, people counting cash, asking for revenue stamps, things like that. Within half an hour of this, the office is empty. After all the money is to be safely carried back home. Few individuals, who had for some unknown purpose given the cashier a miss, will have to wait. For, the next working day. This was the general atmosphere only a few months back. Now with ECS (Electronic Clearing System), money is credited directly into the person’s account and that too in the early morning hours. No one has to wait in a queue, buy a revenue stamp or carry their money home. So the last day of the month, the payday, has become any other working day of the month, though some retiring people do talk about the payday. But this too shall pass. If an employee happens to be out of town, he can just swipe his ATM card, and money comes, flushing. Payday has lost its charm. Personally, I miss the charm of those payday. People being extra courteous, helping, admiring. Human qualities all these are, I see lesser of them today, on the payday.


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