Red Light

Behavior of Delhites near traffic signals are a study in themselves. Have you ever noticed some car-balla (simply driver) anxious to go to fourth gear the moment the traffic light turns green. My take is, this person may be riding a big car or small, but if he indulges in such behavior, it means that, this guy was a scooter rider once and his fortune today has landed him in a car, but his scooter-bala mentally never leave him. And at red light he tries to maneuver his car like is erstwhile scooter.

Secondly, have you noticed that some car-balla take much longer to react to green light at the traffic signal. Guys, these are new owners. They have never owned a car in their damn life before or if they driven one, then it was their friends or relatives, but never their own. So, they are afraid that some scratch will come to their car if they run their car normally. So they are extra cautious. They cars end up getting more banged up than they should have been. Simply, owner's mistake.

Thirdly, their are people who keep on honking, even if they see red light at the traffic signal. I am still to see their point of view. I think they feel they have just landed their helicopter amid traffic and they deserve the first lane and the first signal to leave. Pretty absurd but very common in Delhi.

So what do you do then. Just be like me, watch their antics and write about them.

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