THE SUNDAY MENU - A good life with ‘rude food’

Another Sunday and our sense of appetite is not longing, for Vir Sanghvi's dose on 'rude food' is good enough. It is hard to imagine, but few in this country write about food which can be more delicious than the food itself, except for a few and notably Vir Sanghvi.

A compilation of articles under 'rude food' in the Sunday 'Brunch' of the Hindustan Times by Vir Sanghvi into a book had drawn a lot of attention and managed to win accolades and prizes. But, when to our surprise he does not do his 'rude food' article on the Sunday 'Brunch', then we realize, how much this column has been part of our Sunday routine.

'Rude Food' has come to stay to us because for most people, Sunday means being lazy, good food, ample gatherings of friends and a sense of enjoyment, which kind smoothens our temper to take in the good life in good food, atleast to know about it in 'rude food'. Sometimes, Mr. Sanghvi would write about truffle's, which are exotic by any standards, and an ordinary delhite would have nothing to do with it in his whole life, expect to read about it and not less in any measure he would write about 'biscuits', an indulgence affordable by all.

Of late Mr. Sanghvi has diversified into 'rude music', 'rude movies'… , but when he does his 'rude food', you can see those TRP's [meaning popularity], which tells a story of its own. You know why. I mean, for good things in life you have to wait, so to get a good idea on food, you need pedigree, knowledge, and a smell to make sense of it all. It takes time, to condense all these into a delicious article on food, which cannot happen every week. So, we see less of 'rude food' these days, but, when it does happen, it is a treat to read. So, when I saw the 'rude food' article in today's Brunch, I had nothing else but to thank Vir Sanghvi for making my Sunday.


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