THE SUNDAY MENU - A Life in the times of Bejan Daruwalla

From the day, I started reading the weekly forecast in newspapers, it was and it will be 'Bejan Daruwalla' who would be the person, I will refer to always. Not because, I had no access to others, but because Mr. Daruwalla made me fell that there is still hope.

As a teenager, I picked up the habit while reading the 'The Sunday Times' National Edition [I am delhite, not the original dilliwalla so no Delhi edition for me]. Strangely, the news in the newspaper was dated but the Sunday supplement was quite a habit because of Mr. Daruwalla. I still read the weekly forecast online and occasionally I pick up the newspapers, when I am out of town.

It's been years, I have been reading the weekly forecast, which gives a kind of assurance in this distraught world. Sometime back, I had a nagging thought. Mr. Daruwalla is not young anymore, expect in his heart, so what, after him? I have no answer for this question.

Can Mr. Daruwalla give his weekly prediction for the next century also? For astrology is an art and he is one of its masters, so he can manage. But, would those weekly forecasts, carry the kind of credibility it does today. I don't know.

So, I have switched to plan 'B'. I have started reading young astrologers and am kind of experimenting, who will suit me best. But then, that is a hard task, if they have Mr. Daruwalla to match up to. When my future at stake, I have to find the way forward. Shouldn't I?


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