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The Babu market area (where the 2005 serial bomb blast had occurred) is home to quite a few ladies tailor shops. I had seen them, tailors, their hands full with work. They were so busy that, if you did not personally know one of them, then it was hard to get a kurta (Indian dress) stitched, which would turn out to be of one’s liking. And today, I mean, the 4th November, 2006 told another story.

I had been to sarojini market to shop and get a kurta for my wife stitched. We both had noticed quite a few tailor shops in the babu market area, just a few month’s back. But boy, what I saw today shocked me. There were no tailors in babu market today. Not a single one.

Where have all the tailors gone? The old tailor shops had been occupied by watch shops, readymade garment shops and shops of cosmetics. Have, people over night, turned to ready made garments, and forsaken garments stitched by their good old tailor. I don’t have a clue. I didn’t find a ladies tailor in whole of sarojini market either. Am I oblivious to new market developments? I don’t know. In fact, I had gone searching for a ladies tailor, in quite a while, but when the search turned out to be futile effort, it got me thinking. May be, times are changing…


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