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Connaught Place has got life after all

Its a nice place to shop and to enjoy. I have written about it earlier also. The celebrations have started today and will continue till the New Year. Yes, its about Connaught Place (CP), the heart of Delhi celebrating its 75 years. The CP Shopping Festival has started in right earnest with a spectacular Laser and firework show. I did watch the show live, not from the precincts of Central Park situated in the centre of CP but from the balcony of my 10th Floor apartment a few hundred yard away. It felt good to see CP come back to live again. Sometime back when work on the Delhi metro started in 2002, CP had that worn out look. I was an unwilling witness to the aging of CP, but 2006 had been that turn-around year. The Metro has given this old lady a new lease of life and may be 75 years is a good time to start celebrating life, which CP is doing right now. Named after Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, the Connaught Place market was designed by Robert Tor Russel in collaboration wit

The Delhi Driver

The driving habits of Delhi residents amuse me. You know why? I will tell you! If you look closely at these small nuances of driving, you can say something about the character of the driver. Let me explain;- You see a motorcyclebala driving up the footpath when there is a jam. I sure am, that this fella would have been driving a scooter sometime back and would be ferrying stuff. A small time trader, who has now graduated to motorcycle for some particular reason. Secondly you see an Santo-wallah, honking and zig-zagging past in rush traffic. Yeah, this guy used to ride a motorcycle once, preferably a Yamaha, and has now moved to a small car, but cannot get rid of his old driving habits. Thirdly, you notice a lanky accent on the road parked not on the side but on the road so as not to cover it fully. This, yuppie was a small car owner once. Used to shop at the market parking his car on the road side, but even though he has moved on, his habits have stayed. Lastly, if you ever find

A month that is December

What are the most important events in December? The easy answer is Christmas and Year end bash (also called New Year's eve party). December 25th Christmas celebrations are understandable, what is intriguing is the New Years eve parties. The new year's eve party event has become a festival in itself without the undertone of any religious sentiments. Add to it the immense commercial interest shown by businesses. What you have are lot of promotions, glossy year-end issues of magazines, special TV shows, food, travel, entertainment. It see this as an managed distraction created by interested groups to while away the focus of individuals for planning their future for the coming year and at the same time assess the major events of the past year. A new year is the time for recollection and planning and most importantly, setting personal goals with a clear head. If these moments are whiled away partying, you guessed it right, the direction of achievements may shift. December is inde

A tall order

They say, more things change, more they remain the same. It can't be much far from truth, in the case of Delhi. It can't be called a shower, which happened today in Delhi, at most we can called it a light drizzle. But see the effects of this light drizzle. The whole Central Business District is facing disruption of traffic due to traffic lights failure. The whole CP is in mess, add to it slippery roads and Delhi drivers cut-edge habits. Can accidents be far away? Delhi, now boasts of Metro and is going to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games but, it still can't address the basic amenities such as continuous power or decent traffic lights which can function after a light drizzle. If this is a tall order to achieve, then what Delhi is doing now on the infrastructure front are just cosmetic makeovers, the kind we see in our televisions soaps. I have nothing more to say ... Technorati : Commonweath Games , Delhi , drizzle , traffic

The Four Gates to Shahjahanabad

It is said that there were fourteen gateways of Shahjahanabad (the Abode of Shahjahan), of which only four remain. The rest 10 gates have been lost to history. We all have heard of them, but have seldom noticed them when traveling causually around the city. They are at the junction of the old and the New Delhi's and they not only signify this they also hold in their chest the events of times gone by. These are four significant gates of Delhi:- Delhi Gate Located at the intersection of Asaf Ali Road and Netaji Subash Marg, it was called the Delhi Gate because it opened towards the old cities of Delhi during the time of Emperor Shahjahan. Kashmere Gate Located near the ISBT, was called the Kashmere Gate because the road through it eventually led to Kashmir. Turkman Gate Located at Asaf Ali Road, was called the Turkman Gate after Shah Turkman (He was a holy man of great repute. He was also called Biyabani because he lived in the wilderness). Ajmeri Gate Located at Ajmeri Gate

Fog induced nausea

Yesterday when the Hindustan Times, New Delhi Edition carried the picture of Heathrow airport, London, where passengers were in chaos due to grounding of flights on account of fog, readers like me were forced to recollect the memories of collective trauma (Mumbai serial blasts..). It is true that fog regularly has caused delays in trains and flight schedules and Winter is the time when these things happen. But recent coverage of the fog by different media's has captured a substantial amount of our memory space than it should. Fog now seems to have the pedigree of another big accident. May be lack of NEWS is to blame for this or may be normal events if given the urgency and coverage, can catch a bigger mind space of readers is the new media strategy this holiday season. What ever it may be, the fear factor isn't diminishing. What, given the situation, are the options for an average human. The easiest way may be, is to fill you car to the tank full and drive to a place nearby

Delhi Darshan Demystified

There are many ways in which one can discover the city, that is Delhi. You can take a tourist bus or a taxi or devise your own methods. The basic intention should be to discover something new. Some innovative methods would be to take an auto rickshaw or devise a walk or take the metro, better if, it could be a bicycle ride. The idea here is to shun the known modes of transport in the city and to go those places you have never been. Try 'sadar' for example, 'old Delhi would be a good choice, or satellite townships (Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad etc.). There are two ways to approach this discovery process, the first is planned process and second the unplanned one. The planned process would inevitably be based on (i) time and (ii) location (of the area you want to discover). Here how much time you are willing to devote is important. The time you want to devote would depend on the location you want to discover. So, you have to research on the area you want to discover and

Eicher City Map for Delhi - Updated

Eicher City Map for Delhi has been around some time now. Delhi has been in the midst of change for some time now, not only to reflect the aspirations of the country but also to prepare for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The revised and updated Eicher City Map for Delhi, though has been on the stands for some weeks now, needs the attention it deserves. The new map reflects many infrastructural changes like the flyovers, metro.. that have been added to the city. The only daunting factor is the price. At Rs. 290 it is a bit on the higher side. But then, good things do cost a bit more and if you ever got lost in the city, this map can bring you back home.

Weather forecast - Does it matter

This is that time of the year when we say good bye to a passing year and are in the process of gearing ourselves for the new year. Our spirits are on their high. Can, weather dampen those festive spirits. I don't think it can. So, why read those weather forecasts for the coming fortnight, if you have hell bound to carry out all those plans for the year end bash, come what may. So, say good bye-bye to the weather forecast for the next fortnight till dawn new year, see what you mind is capable of. Technorati : Delhi , New Delhi , New Year

Central Park comes back for Public Use

The Delhi Metro which has made Delhite's and Dilliwala's proud had cost them, even if, temporarily, the Central Park in CP. The park was closed down because it was the central point of the Delhi Metro operation. The Central Park has been closed now for nearly half a decade, but now, it will be open to the public. The reopening function is at 6.30 pm today. So, when moving around CP, you feel like taking a break, then, go down to the Central Park which situated in the middle of the shopping arcade and takes that well-deserved breather and enjoys the facade as a bonus. [Credit:]

Marriages made in heaven

With marriage season in progress , couples are being solemnized by their thousands. What is astonishing is the numbers of marriages.Do a simple maths, roughly add the number of marriages per day in the marriage season. For example, say 5000 marriages are taking place each day of the marriage season, which lasts 30 days, then at the end of this period, we get 1,50,000 marriages and 3,00,000(3 lakh) (man + wife) people getting married. The population of Delhi is around 13.8 million (1.38 crore people). Roughly the marriageable couple form around 10-20 percent of any population , so the approximately 13 lakh people are in the marriageable age. If 3 lakh people on an average get married every marriage season, Delhi should have been devoid of marriageable population by now. But that hasn't happened. The reason are any body to guess. What is astonishing is that, in spite of thousands of marriages taking place in Delhi, I have not been invited to any marriage this season, t

Another December the 13th

Wednesday, the 13th December, 2006 is another cold day. Like any working day, people go on with their lives, but a few who have lost their close ones to an unprecedented event that happened on this fateful day in 2001. The attack on any Parliament of the world is a dastardly act and to attack the largest of them all is a sign of things. The attack did take place in the time of live television and like Gulf War I and II before it, it was watched live across the world, but sadly it happened where it hurt most, in the heart of our country. The spectacular failure of the attack was there for everybody to watch but, the significance of the event has come to pass. Perpetrators were apprehended and the course of justice took its path. But the truth has been made to look stranger than friction, with the last few turns of events. But, what is important that the faith of people in the system of democracy in spite of its failings hasn't diminished. The key ingredients used by our po

Ruby Tuesday

Weather: The temperature today is expected to be around 8 degrees centrigrade and the sky is expected to be clear and sunny. * Government of NCT of Delhi has become a stakeholder in 1,500 MW Green Field Power Plant in Jhajjar, Haryana which will become operational in 2010. * Monday, the 11th December, 2006 was the busiest marriage day this season with 15000 marriages solemnized. * Today at 4 PM in Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Penguin India will host a discussion on the book 13 Dec: A Reader--The Strange Case of The Attack on Indian Parliament. Speakers: Arundhati Roy, Indira Jaising, Nandita Haksar, Nirmalangshu Mukherji, Praful Bidwai, Shuddhabrata Sengupta. (source : Hurree Babu' blog )

Softnews in Brief

* A bigger version of 'Dilli Haat' titled " Mini India " will be built near Kanjhawale, in north Delhi. Mini India will showcase different cultures from all the States of the Country. To be built on BoT(Built Operate Transfer) basis, Mini India is expected to attract both domestic and foreign tourists during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. * An employee of Press Trust of India (PTI) residing in JJ colony in Uttam Nagar was stabbed along with his son and nephew on saturday night because he objected to five men drinking and shouting outside his flat. * The stipulated 10 days given to Governments of UP and Delhi by the Delhi High Court to resolve the bus controversy ended on Sunday last. No resolution seem in sight as both governments have taken rigid stand to the detriment of commuters. * Weather - The weather for Monday, is expected to be warm and the temperature is expected to be around 12 degrees centrigrade, 3 degrees above normal. Though cloudy skies with persist

Delhi - Many stories and a rich history

Every good story should be retold for generations to be hear and to be passed on. No judgments here, just good old fashioned story telling. I read this one in Delhi City Limits (ed. dated 28.2.2006). The story was told by Anand Vivek Taneja and sole credit goes to him for the story he told, it is only recounted here On what used to be the agricultural land of the village(present Lado Sarai), the government, in 2002, erected a Prithviraj Memorial, valorising the lat 'Hindu' king of Delhi, who went down bravely fighting the Muslim invaders. L.K. Advani, at the inauguration, drew a sword and thundered about fighting terrorism from Pakistan. The story of Prithviraj, as told in Lado Sarai, is slightly different. One day, in his old age, the good kind Anang Pal Tomar decided to go on long pilgrimage, and leave the kingdom to the care of relatives, Prithviraj and Jaichand. Prithviraj was given custody of Delhi and Ajmer, while Jaichand look after Kannauj. Prithviraj told Anangpa

Movies: On weekend No. 48

What is available this weekend is BAABUL. The makers of Baabul had earlier made BAGHBAN. They are good. The movie may not appeal to all like Dhoom:2 , but none the less entertaining. There a song in the movie sung by Big B himself. Watch that out.....The movie is a perfect lousy weekend entertainment. The Leonardo Di Caprio starred " Blood Diamond " isn't releasing in India, this weekend. Boledil will inform you when it comes to India. By the way, there is and interesting read about the movie in " The New Yorker ". On a personal note, the trailer of the movie look very good. You can watch the trailer on the apple site . You need to have download, Apple QuickTime to view the trailers. I bet the download is worth the time and effort, the the trailers can range between 20 to 100 MB depending on the size of the screen you choose to see. Technorati : Baabul , Blood Diamond , movies Powered by Zoundry

Must See Event -Photo Imaging Asia 2006

A must see event this weekend. Why? Know your reason;- 1. First, its at Hall No. 2-6, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi [You were here earlier for the IITF(called the Trade Fair), so you know the route]; 2. You can participate in different workshops. Well, first you have to register at or by calling 9899155022; 3. The is a good chance to come across the digital camera of a price range, you always wanted to buy. 4. Last but not the least, you can win exciting prizes for just visiting the fair. Technorati : Delhi , Photo Imaging Asia 2006 Powered by Zoundry

MTNL: A free Broadband Connection Offer

Most people write off MTNL on the quality of service they offer. Basically, people have complaints about MTNL's Landline connections. So, when the mobile revolution took place, MTNL faced the brunt and as people started surrendering their landlines by their droves. That was, three years back in 2003. Now, MTNL is back with a bang. Check out their Broadband Offers. The offers are cheapest in town. The latest offer will not cost a dime, if you have a DSL modem to boot and you can also have 1 month's minimum usage charges waived off too. This latest offer is valid upto 22nd December, 2006. You can choose between DSL-399, DSL-749, Tri-590 NU, TriB-199, TriB-199, TriB-Invitation, TriB-250 Combo, Tri B-Phone 500 Combo (@256 kbps) and Trib-599(@512 kbps). Details are at or call 1500 or 22221500 for more info. Technorati : Broadband , MTNL Powered by Zoundry

Weekend No. 48, Weather Report for Delhi

Fine weather will prevail in the Capital till Saturday evening courtesy, 'western disturbances'. Indian Meteorological Department [IMD] informs that temperature will remain six degrees above normal. Party Time, Delhites...... Technorati : Delhi , New Delhi , Weather Powered by Zoundry

Thursday - The weekend is coming.

* Space Shuttle Discovery launch is scheduled for Thursday, the 7th December, 2006. That will early morning hours (at around 8.15 a.m on Friday, the 8th Dec) in India. Like Kalpana Chawla before her, Sunita Williams of Indian origin will fly with the Shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station. The launch can be watched live on NASA TV . You require Windows Media Player to view the live lunch programme. If you want to choose a media stream of your choice, the whole list is here . Incidentally, NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration) has announced plans for a permanent base on the moon by 2020. * Have a look at the CrunchGear's Best of 2006 . This is for the gadget fans out there. * Blood Diamond , the DiCaprio starred thriller will hit the theaters on Friday. Baabul , B.R Chopra's movie on widow re-marriage is also hitting theaters near you this weekend. Boledil will take you on a sneak preview of both the movies tomorrow. Weather : On Thursday, the

Busy Wednesday

Weather: Wednesday , the 6th December, 2006 is expected to by chilled, partly cloudy and the temperature is expected to range between the low of 15 degree and high of 22 degree centigrade. An usual December day it will be. * December 6, will remembered as the 50th death Anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar . With recent incidents in Nagpur , the ground situation is tense in Mumbai but in Delhi, other than death anniversary functions, the day will pass on as normal. Though there may be some traffic snarls and jams are expected. * December 6, is also the day Babri Masjid was demolished [ 14th anniversary ] in 1992. A turning point of sorts in this history of modern India. Keeping with the recent turn of events, the Babri Masjid episode may receive less attention this. * British MPs are demanding salary hike . It seem the British MPs have a thing or two to learn from their Indian counter parts. First, hike your pay as often you can and secondly, hike it yourself rather than depending

Cold Delhi -- coming....

The view of Jantar Mantar from my hotel bedroom window Originally uploaded by neilmadhvani . So at last, it is winter in Delhi. Foggy days without sunlight. It is good time to change you food habits. Take lot of fried stuff, non-veg, and madira I would add. But, you can choose according to your choice, nothing is mandatory but the climate should be the yardstick.

Cloudy Weather - Brace for Delays

Look at the Weather Forecast for the week: [ Here ] Cloudy days are here to stay till January end. So if you are traveling by train or air, confirm the departure time before leaving to avoid annoyance. If you are going to receive someone, also confirm the arrival time of the train or flight before leaving home. Have patience for every body is in hot mood in cold days b'cause of the delays. Cooperate with others and enjoy the cold...... Powered by Zoundry

What Can I say, I am a father now!

link : [ bLaugh ] The thoughts were similar about my kid, but when I say this, I thought of my father.....times change, don't they.... powered by performancing firefox

Asian Games 2006

The way the Asian Games 2006 at Doha is being covered by our newspapers is matter of concern. I read the Hindustan Times . The paper has a different page altogether for Asian Games, 2006 but it is at page three of the sports page. It means, the Asian Games carries less importance than the cricket news (or controversies) which appear on front page. The gradual shift of coverage of sports towards cricket had been coming for sometime now. The national consciousness towards cricket is higher (much higher) than all sports put together. But Asian Games was a spectacle which was avidly watched ( it is still watched) not long back. This sudden drop of interest in the media goes on to show that, the legendary aloofness of Indians towards sports in general continues and sports will not be able to capture the level of interest it should. Bad for a country of our size. The question now is what about the Commonwealth Games, 2010? I suppose that, as the games are being held at home, it will be f

The Sunday Picnic

India Gate lawns Originally uploaded by leon_nerd . What you see in the picture are the empty lawns of the India Gate. Passing near the India Gate compound, you will find these empty lawns, devoid of people, cars, bikes, peddler of goods and tourists. Come Sunday, and that too in Winter, you will be surprised to see what a transformation has taken place. The whole India Gate lawns resemble a big picnic spot. Families laying out bedsheets and having family togathers, kids playing to their heart content, couples enjoy their solitude and a whole lot other. I have been surprised by the transformation because on week days you will find space to park your vehicle and on Sunday, their is not enough space to keep you feet and all this continues till mid-night. What I can say is that the heart of this city is big enough to accommodate all, like the soul of our country.

Dengue gone Meningococcal in - Delhi's Daily Life

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has taken out an 'public ad' for prevention of Meningococcemai & Meningitis, calling upon doctors to report the same to them. The symptoms are High fever, Headache, vomiting, stiffness or neck pain, Skin rash/bluish or purplish discolouration/blotches, seizures, altered senses or impaired senses, cold and dry skin with a weak pulse. These symptoms can develop over several hours, or they may take 1 to 2 days. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important. If symptoms occur, the patient should see a doctor immediately . As per Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (of the American Government) "meningitis is an infection of the fluid of a person's spinal cord and the fluid that surrounds the brain. Meningitis is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection.Viral meningitis is generally less severe and resolves without specific treatment, while bacterial meningitis can be quite severe and may result in brain damage,

‘City blogs’ are putting the cities on the map and in common parlance

Now that the blogsphere is attracting the kind of attention it should, different niche segments have now emerged to engage the attention of readers. Like the city blogs. An interesting article to read on the subject is by Kendra Locke of the Associated Press . Locke looked behind the bloggers running those "metro" blogs and found that most of them are not full time bloggers. They work for a day job but collaborate to compile events, reflections, recommendations, news and complaints about their city. The blogs are "emerging to put a number of big cities in intimate, street-level relief". The 'metro' bloggers are garnering the attention because they are helping the time strapped denizen 'to get up to speed as to what's hip and what's going on …' in the city. The intention is not be definitive but to trusted on the opinion and voices relayed to the reader. The interesting part is that individual voices are shared offering 'a level of aut

AIDS, do we know it?

Yesterday, the 1st of December was World AIDS day. A disease which happened to other people. That may be true but, it is not long before it happened to someone we knew. I will tell you why? In India, it is estimated that 57 lakh people are affected by the disease but hardly 1,25,000 people know, they have the disease. That's 2% of the population. That it not the case with most of the common diseases known to man, and believe me AIDS does come in the domain of known diseases. And still we don't discuss the subject. Our social morality comes in the way. Much effort has recently been undertaken to bring the subject of AIDS to the common man through mass media. But the people how, I think are most likely to be affected by the disease are those who are not in touch with the mainstream media's because they may be illiterate or they they may be so busy to know about it until it happens to them. Again, our mainstream media has been aware of the problem and has been focusing on i