Another December the 13th

Wednesday, the 13th December, 2006 is another cold day. Like any working day, people go on with their lives, but a few who have lost their close ones to an unprecedented event that happened on this fateful day in 2001.

The attack on any Parliament of the world is a dastardly act and to attack the largest of them all is a sign of things. The attack did take place in the time of live television and like Gulf War I and II before it, it was watched live across the world, but sadly it happened where it hurt most, in the heart of our country. The spectacular failure of the attack was there for everybody to watch but, the significance of the event has come to pass.

Perpetrators were apprehended and the course of justice took its path. But the truth has been made to look stranger than friction, with the last few turns of events. But, what is important that the faith of people in the system of democracy in spite of its failings hasn't diminished. The key ingredients used by our political leaders have been 'innovativeness' and to quote the famous marketing Guru 'segmentation'.

So, another day has come to pass, but, it has in the course of the day, made people think and made some of us 'thinking Indians'. Though we have come to accept our democratic freedom for granted.


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