Asian Games 2006

The way the Asian Games 2006 at Doha is being covered by our newspapers is matter of concern. I read the Hindustan Times. The paper has a different page altogether for Asian Games, 2006 but it is at page three of the sports page. It means, the Asian Games carries less importance than the cricket news (or controversies) which appear on front page.

The gradual shift of coverage of sports towards cricket had been coming for sometime now. The national consciousness towards cricket is higher (much higher) than all sports put together. But Asian Games was a spectacle which was avidly watched ( it is still watched) not long back. This sudden drop of interest in the media goes on to show that, the legendary aloofness of Indians towards sports in general continues and sports will not be able to capture the level of interest it should. Bad for a country of our size.

The question now is what about the Commonwealth Games, 2010? I suppose that, as the games are being held at home, it will be followed and will be covered much better. The the fall out for Delhi in particular, will be much greater as the city will end up with better infrastructure and world class facilities.

In my concluding word, I would like to say that, even if we do not perform or follow the sports in general, we should regularly host different sports events in different cities, so that the pathetic conditions of our cities are addressed in to borrow the bureaucratic word ' fast track' way.

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