Fog induced nausea

Yesterday when the Hindustan Times, New Delhi Edition carried the picture of Heathrow airport, London, where passengers were in chaos due to grounding of flights on account of fog, readers like me were forced to recollect the memories of collective trauma (Mumbai serial blasts..).

It is true that fog regularly has caused delays in trains and flight schedules and Winter is the time when these things happen. But recent coverage of the fog by different media's has captured a substantial amount of our memory space than it should. Fog now seems to have the pedigree of another big accident. May be lack of NEWS is to blame for this or may be normal events if given the urgency and coverage, can catch a bigger mind space of readers is the new media strategy this holiday season. What ever it may be, the fear factor isn't diminishing.

What, given the situation, are the options for an average human. The easiest way may be, is to fill you car to the tank full and drive to a place nearby and enjoy (make sure you have only a radio and no TV's around) the holidays. Fear, isn't an option but a reality in our lives so we can only live if you account for it and continue with our lives. Don't forget that the summer will bring the fear of communicable diseases and the story will continue...

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