Movies: On weekend No. 48

What is available this weekend is BAABUL. The makers of Baabul had earlier made BAGHBAN. They are good. The movie may not appeal to all like Dhoom:2, but none the less entertaining. There a song in the movie sung by Big B himself. Watch that out.....The movie is a perfect lousy weekend entertainment.

The Leonardo Di Caprio starred "Blood Diamond " isn't releasing in India, this weekend. Boledil will inform you when it comes to India. By the way, there is and interesting read about the movie in "The New Yorker ". On a personal note, the trailer of the movie look very good. You can watch the trailer on the apple site. You need to have download, Apple QuickTime to view the trailers. I bet the download is worth the time and effort, the the trailers can range between 20 to 100 MB depending on the size of the screen you choose to see.

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