The Sunday Picnic

India Gate lawns Originally uploaded by leon_nerd.
What you see in the picture are the empty lawns of the India Gate. Passing near the India Gate compound, you will find these empty lawns, devoid of people, cars, bikes, peddler of goods and tourists. Come Sunday, and that too in Winter, you will be surprised to see what a transformation has taken place. The whole India Gate lawns resemble a big picnic spot. Families laying out bedsheets and having family togathers, kids playing to their heart content, couples enjoy their solitude and a whole lot other. I have been surprised by the transformation because on week days you will find space to park your vehicle and on Sunday, their is not enough space to keep you feet and all this continues till mid-night. What I can say is that the heart of this city is big enough to accommodate all, like the soul of our country.


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