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A hard look at Delhi is required and also a change in our mindset this Republic Day. Why? The answer is simple: Look around! Day-in and day-out, if you hear the news on FM, Television or on the Internet, the stories are abound about lawlessness, disharmony and lack of rectitude.

Think about Delhi. There have been many events in the past, such as bomb-blasts, not once but many a times, which could have turned our daily life upside-down. But see for yourself, the city has moved up a few notches on the civilization ladder to greater forbearance. The only time the life in the city takes a back step is when there are bandh's, which do happen regularly but people have taken them in their stride. All this is happening, when the city is still considered unsafe for women and men alike at night.

It has always been to the disadvantage of Delhi, not be considered as cultured, suave and urbane. But that trend is fading fast. You can find in the city now, varied entertainment options, great career opportunities, hot and happening restaurants and not in the least, a choice, which was not available earlier. So, its a matter of time the Delhi would be considered as a great city. Let us watch out for the Commonwealth Games, 2010.Here a word of caution would be appropriate. Though the city has materially advanced to the premium level, but certain issues still persist. Issues like harmony are still tenuous, but my reading is that, like a growing up, this city will understand and accept its responsibility with dignity and firmness. All these words are still relative in nature, I would caution again.
So, what is that about Delhi, I am trying to impress upon you. Its just that bit that the city of Delhi has marched on. It gives me hope that, if ever, one city of the Union which can truly capture and showcase something that is India, it can only be Delhi.

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