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Tomorrow is Feb 1, 2007 and Hindustan Times [HT Media Ltd] will be launching in Delhi and Mumbai a new business newspaper named 'mint' in partnership which The Wall Street Journal.

'The Economic Times', 'The Business Standard', 'The Financial Express' and 'The Business Line' are some of the prominent business newspapers available in the country today. Of these, The Economic times is the most affordable at Rs. 2 for weekday editions though my rating of the Business Standard is the highest among the options available.

The Hindustan Times had been carrying the advertisement for subscription of their business newspaper [ Rs. 299 for a year's subscription] with the last day of subscription slated for 30th Jan, 2007. Incidentally or through design, HT Media Ltd, the owners of Hindustan Times announced on 30th Jan, 2007 the name of their business newspaper and released the logo of the newspaper. The business newspaper is named 'mint'.

The news item on the newspaper in the Hindustan Times didn't even mention the price of 'mint'. Isn't it strange that the such media behemoths like HT Media Ltd asking for subscription from the public about a business newspapers which till then was not named and the pricing not made public. Its a case of lack of transparency, even though 'mint' will try to mirror the Indian Economy.

All these things apart, I will surely be picking up a copy of the 'mint' and will share with you my first-hand views of the paper.Look out for the paper or read my views.

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