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Capture Selection-20070206-224145-1.jpg The latest newspaper, or shall I call it a 'tabloid' to hit Delhi, is strangely the product of cooperation between two media gaints, the Times Group and the Hindustan Times Group. And no doubt, the paper is going great guns. 'Metro Now' sold out on first day and when i went to pick my copy today (second day), there were only two copies left.

Two things are striking about the paper. First, its cheap at Re. 1 per copy. Secondly, for Re. 1 you get the best of two newspapers the 'The Times of India' and 'The Hindustan Times'. The various sections of 'Metro Now' consists of City, India, World, Hangout, Interactive, views, money, metro masala, entertainment, Mars & Venus, wellness, swellness, style, tech that, Games/listing, sports.

Two things are equally annoying. First, the quality of newsprint used is poor ( blame it on Re.1 price) and Secondly, the layout of the paper is tardy. Otherwise, what is covered between the pages is 'time pass'.

Will I buy it ? I brought it today. I will try it for a month. I been reading 'The Hindustan Times' and if I find the contents repetitive with the National Daily, i will stop reading 'Metro Now'.

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