The Indian Cricket Team

Now, that the banter ( on their performance in the world cup ) surrounding the Indian Cricket Team is at its height, and all sorts or things are being said, its a good time to look at the Indian psyche and predict, what will follow. Its a personal take on the series of events which may take place this summer:-

Prediction No. 1 - Rahul Dravid will continue as the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team.

Prediction No. 2 - Yuvraj, Dhoni, Ganguly, Utthappa may have to take a break.

Prediction No. 3 - In the next world cup, the performance may be the same.

Prediction No. 4 - We may still continue to watch cricket with the same fervour.

Prediction No. 5 - All of the above 4 predictions are just prediction.

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