What if betting, prostitution and taking drugs are legalized ?

It's rather an interesting read what Amit Varma of Indiauncut.com fame writes in the Mint aptly titled 'These Crimes are Victimless'. Amit's proposition that betting, prostitution and taking drugs be legalized may not be revolutionary, but the light it shades on the darker side of humanity is a pithy tale which needs constant repetition.

I took up this topic with some of my colleagues to get a feel of the prevailing middle class mood and surprisingly, except for taking drugs, it was OK with most people whom I talked to, that, betting and prostitution should be legalized. I nearly hold the same view. The word 'nearly' is carefully chosen.

Suppose betting, prostitution and taking drugs are legalized, would that mean the end of crime as we know it today? I don't know the answer to this question ( Or, isn't it as good as legalizing crime!). Hence, the basic premise on which amit is proposing the legalization of betting, prostitution and taking drugs, which is end of crime, look at most, untenable. But then, we can find out the truth only after we legalize betting, prostitution and taking drugs.

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ankurindia said…
those who do it , keep doing it ... dont know wat to say

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