Results of the Class XII Exams – the other side

Now that the results of the CBSE exams for Class XII are out, and some have performed better than others, it is time to introspect in retrospect.

There are many reason, I believe for which some students have scored higher than others. I will list some of them here:-

1. The results you got is directly proportional to the hard work you put in.

2. The percentage obtained is similar to the circle of students you befriended.

3. The result is dependent on the quality of education ( in schools) and tuitions you received.

4. The reputation of the school in which you studied directly contributed to the percentage obtained ( a reputed school helps you add at least 5 percentage to your aggregate marks).

5. You percentage is also directly proportional to the hold you have over the English language.

In short, in addition to the regular studies one undertakes, many factors also play a role in the end result. I have discounted the role ' luck' plays. I have done so, because luck cannot be quantified. But, to most extent, your circle of friends and your school has a larger role to play in the results you obtained. These factors are time tested.

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