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Issues on being father again

It a strange feeling to become a father for the first time. That strangeness isn't there the second time, but in its place comes a certain kind of anxiety, which is a little harder to explain. First things first. Its an exciting experience (if you and your spouse live alone) to go through, starting from the first pregnancy test for your wife, to consulting the doctor on a myriad number of issues, to the day, when your baby see's the first light of his/her life. You notice everything close-up, and every experience is new and fresh. That is one of the charms and the gaiety your first baby gets, for being the first baby. Second time around, you know what is coming. And it comes with are certain questions, which need a clear understanding in the first place. First and foremost, why do you need a second kid ? Do you have the time and the energy the second kid will demand? None the less, are you aware of the financial implications of the second baby? In the times we live, things