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Billu is the Medium

Billu, the movie starring SRK, Irfan Khan has got me thinking.  Things have changed.  The word ‘barber’ would be made an issue was beyond my imagination.  But in the days we are living, it isn’t surprising. The issue here is freedom and an environment for creativity.  With all the ado about my country becoming a star among nations, I in the present environment think otherwise.  True progress or leadership comes from action taken on the ideas one has.  Ideas are central to the leadership of any sort.  In the western continent, citizen follows their heart and not their belly, as we do.  Most are ok, some come out to be an extraordinary individual with ideas which are life-changing.  An environment of freedom and creativity is the key. Contrary to this, our freedom comes only come from the economic front and other freedoms flow from it.  In sum, it feels like freedom is not free.  Hence, when the name of a movie is changed for some reason or the other, only because it may hurt i

Chinese Mistress

A bizarre news has come to light, where a Chinese business held a contest to select the best mistress among his five mistresses.   Things turned ugly when one of the mistress who did not make it to the top drove the businessman along with rest four mistress off a cliff surprisingly killing herself and injuring the rest.   I have two lines to say.  First: The man has got guts. Second: He became more pragmatic and he should have been.  God help him.

Dented Car, Emotional Scars

It gives me happiness to see car's which are dent free on delhi's roads. But, you see of them seldom, hence, more happiness when I see them.  This brings to the question of - Why are most cars dented/scratched ?  Blame it on the peculiar temper of Delhites, but the things go deeper.  It may be because  people do not believe in giving leeway in this city, may the be reason for so may dents and scratches.  But thing are not what they seem... I feel inside very delhite the urge to outdo the other and fly ahead may be one of the other reasons.   But that's me... I believe that someday someone would research into this and find a more reasonable reason!

Delhi Meri Jaan!

A lot of delhites hate the city for many things which they would like to see, but are not in the city at all.  Ask them to imagine a life outside of delhi.  Only then, they realise Delhi is their jaan .  Living here and cultivating things we would love see is the only way out.

Cash Less Life

Technorati Tags: boledil , delhi , cash Life without cash or plastic cards is unthinkable.  Think Again. I have noticed that : 1. Politicians do not carry cash. 2. Film stars can do without cash including ‘James Bond’ (he only needs to say his name and the job is done) 3. Top business men are without cash most of the time.   Just look around and see if these people ever take out their wallet at the cash counter.