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With 'Swine flu' all around, it has became pertinent to think of an answer on the ways and means to face a pandemic. It would be prudent to expect emergency services to take over only after initial attack as taken place.

The question which is paramount is that, what do I do when I see a person, who according to me is infected(may be of any disease)? Can I get in touch with any public authority having means to address the problem? In the US there is the 911 standard service across the country. It is high time to have such a service in our country also. Look at Indian Railways, they have the 139 all India service. Having a common pan India number would mean that individual can be of use by way of passing information to a centralised authority and the information reaches the desired destination and therefore speedy resolution of the problem can take place.

There is another aspect to it. Many small actions/incidents which go out of control because the proper authorities don't have the information, can be taken care off. But, for things to happen, someone has to take that initiative.  I still believe the initiative is still missing in the healthcare sector.



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