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Tere Lover purane

What does one do at midnight other than listening to soulful songs doing soul searching?  Listening to ‘ Shirt da Button’ . I cannot stop wondering about the lyrics.  Its kind of funny but one can relate to it.  Its nearly there, but something is amiss.  The situation is like the feeling of a lonely lover whose love is getting married and moving on, most probably to another city out of his sight. Not funny but I know you will understand. Delhi makes you like it or hate it.  If you say like, something is growing on you, like a song, you would probably get blank looks.  Take for example the anti-corruption movement/ stir presently underway in the city.  The numbers in which Delhiites turned up in the first phase to support of the movement, in an equal show of apathy are nearly absent in the second phase.  Blame the climate, the nature of people who populate the city irrespective of ethnicity, language for food preference, the amiss people are near as reliable are they are actu