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Why are everyone healthy these days?

Why is everyone healthy these days ?  Looks like why am I complaining about a good thing.  It may be a good thing but too much of a good thing is not as good as it visible to be. Is there something about the food we eat that is the source of the problem?   Yes, I think.   What got me thinking is my own food habits.   A decade back I could talk four rotis (breads) and not thinking twice about it but now eating even 2 rotis makes me feel that I am putting on weight.  I may add here that my food habits and live style has changed little in this decade but I look more healthy than I did then.  May I add here that in the last few years I have been a regular at morning walk. I feel that this may be due to the hybrid food items we have been taking.    I have no scientific data but only a hunch.  But this feeling is very disturbing. Mangoes - the King among fruits