Gandhi - on his Birthday

        Being born in a household who adored and revered Gandhi, it was easy to see him as more than a man.  As I grew up, textbooks added to that myth.  The more I read,  more than admiration grew.  
Then those days passed.  One fine day I found myself with a copy of "My Experiments with truth".  I was astonished to read such a frank account of one's life said in the first person.

Years have passed and my reading of Gandhi through different authors have added to my information and my understanding of the man who was Gandhi.  One thing stands out.  That no one person knows Gandhi, the human.

One fine day, online, I found an account of events surrounding Gandhi which bestowed on me that how a single man without any formal authority at his command can bring sense into the head of people around him.  I retrace here from memory what I had read.  I would thank the author to recount the events.  The event happened during the partition of India.  For some reason, which the author nor I know, it was decided that all of British Army would go to Punjab to control the bloodshed and Gandhi would go to Calcutta(now Kolkatta)to try and do the same.  Within a few days of Gandhi reaching Kolkata, the whole bloodshed stopped but the mighty British Army was unable to stop the bloodshed in Punjab.  The author lost his grandparents to the bloodshed which occurred in Punjab and therefore has never forgiven Gandhi for it.  But he does recognize what Gandhi could have done.  It would have given him the presence of his grandparents.

So it dawns that every once in a while, maybe once a year, we should renew our faith in fellow humans who have dedicated Gandhi their life to the selfless service of humanity.


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