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Sealing Delhi

Delhi is the city, we all call home. Anything that takes place here, which in some manner affects us all, has to be shared, debated and reconciled. Same is true with the sealing of commercial establishments in residential areas, scheduled to re-commence from 1.11.2006. The story till now.. Every individual has a right to earn his livelihood. So, people have a right to operate commercial establishments. Some happen to be in residential areas. Shops in residential areas, are an undue nuisance for most of the residents who have no commercial interest in their colonies. Now the residents go the judiciary and plea a just cause, that, residential areas should be residential area devoid of ‘commercial activity’. The judiciary, takes up a just cause and imposes, an all round sealing of commercial establishments in residential areas. Owner’s of commercial establishments are horrified at the loss of livelihood. They get together, use their collective strength and take on bo

Lamp posts (streetlights) for modern Delhi


Bed and Breakfast

If you thought that bed and breakfast scheme was for the Commonwealth Games, 2010, think again. The guidelines issued in this regard are initially effective for a period of 2 years. The idea behind bed and breakfast was to provide a first hand experience to foreign tourists the pleasures of Indian hospitality. This was supposed to be a two a affair. First, the foreign tourists gained from the rich Indian experience and the Indians in turn earned good money. The idea is popular in western countries. If you are interested, you can give it a try (if you could cough up Rs. 3000 + fulfil the conditions) and do share your experience. Picture credit : Flickr

Three ideas for a long holiday week

This week, is an interesting week. Id in on the middle of the week. So, mid-week holiday, will naturally propel some delite's to take a hike from the city. Some of my neighbours, have already left. One for Katara and another for long away Guwahati and some are preparing to leave. The holiday season has started in right earnest. My travels with in the city has shown lesser traffic on the roads and more at airports and railway station. Where does all this leave me. That would be an easy guess. I am in my flat, looking at Delhi and my thoughts surround me. Isn't is a fair game, that, if a reasonable chunk leave Delhi, then in the cool days of October-November, the city itself is greasy enough to be a holiday destination for its own residents. And also a host to a gamut of people, who descend on the city, for being capital of the country. There are three things to do in this week 1. Take a long walk - The walk to explore the city you have always found a e

Bemusing Delhi

I have been in delhi for the last few years, and years of memory, they have been. I cannot say, that delhi has come easily to me or I have taken to the city with open arms. What, I can say, with some maturity is that, we have come to accept each other; as a couple, who have grown older togather. I cannot live without delhi and to some extent, delhi is not complete without me. This understanding is based on some loathing, some affection and much mutual need. The germ of delhi does not bite all who come to its shore. And delhi delights us in many ways. In as many years i have spent in delhi, i have seen dropsye, dengue and all sorts of things happening which i had never heard of before, making delhi an unique destination. On the other day, i heard one of our office boys. He was very optimistic of his chances of buying his piece of real estate in delhi, which has now touched, stratospheric heights. His theory is simple. As per his prediction, which i think may come true, is tha

Delhi's Istanbul

Orhan Pamuk will receive this year's Nobel Prize for literature. I know little about Pamuk. What I know about him is the reviews, I have read from all the source I know of, about his book Istanbul: Memories of a City. I have found reference to this book in all sort of articles, travel stories and in the imagination of people with competence. People have come to believe that Istanbul of Pamuk does indeed exist. So, when one land's in Istanbul, what is found are only the fringes of Pamuk's story telling. Istanbul's romanticism exists only in Pamuk's imagination. All this I know on reading the reviews of the book, and, I have since then longed for the book. Now, Nobel for Pamuk will open Istanbul to new audiences. What is haunting me is that Delhi with so much history and cultural confluence is yet to produce a book which One can say, that this is 'the delhi'. The question is, can Delhi produce a Pamuk on its history. Resident authors may have to think.

The sporadic affairs

So it has been some time. I had lost my inspiration over time and gained it in an instant. This affair of life, is sporadic and this has come to be me and my postings. I have tried to be regular, but this does not fit my profile. So, it will be sporadic and inspired. That... it will be. So keep watching....

Inspiration Regained

I was commuting to work, and it struck me. Small school children, walking in a line, carrying placards about dengue. Hours of Government campaign, lots of speeches, MCD and NDMC at work have achieved little to curb dengue. I think, what those school childen, who were carrying placards and shouting how to stop dengue mosquito from incubating, may do the trick. The sight, was enough to inspire me. I think this will do the trick and I think that dengue has reached its peak, and it can only come down. I have now come, to believe that, out of the box solutions, will force us to see things in different colors and help others to see them also, thereby creating an mechanism, for solving, many social and cultural problems that beseize us now. I think i have found my inspiration for now.

Inspiration Lost

It has been some time now. I have not posted anything. There was lack of interest. The initial energy had gone and i was busy on other things. I had infact lost focus. Add to that, the day job, the surly climate of delhi and a hectic domestic front, i was just away. The away, was the reason, and i was the cause. Some thing like that. Its been more than 20 days. May be the winter, that is coming, was stoping me. So, i had stopped. But, things change ...over time. So, i guess, it was time for me.