Delhi's Istanbul

Orhan Pamuk will receive this year's Nobel Prize for literature. I know little about Pamuk. What I know about him is the reviews, I have read from all the source I know of, about his book Istanbul: Memories of a City. I have found reference to this book in all sort of articles, travel stories and in the imagination of people with competence. People have come to believe that Istanbul of Pamuk does indeed exist. So, when one land's in Istanbul, what is found are only the fringes of Pamuk's story telling. Istanbul's romanticism exists only in Pamuk's imagination. All this I know on reading the reviews of the book, and, I have since then longed for the book. Now, Nobel for Pamuk will open Istanbul to new audiences. What is haunting me is that Delhi with so much history and cultural confluence is yet to produce a book which One can say, that this is 'the delhi'. The question is, can Delhi produce a Pamuk on its history. Resident authors may have to think. So I wait, to find that work of a master on Delhi ,or, Delhi to reveal itself in its myriad ways. But till then, we celebrate Pamuk and his Istanbul. Picture credit: Flickr


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