For those Satur-Sunday’s

It feels good to hear about money…

In the last few years things have gotten a bit of complex. People who carry cash have money ( lot of money), and haven't carry credit cards instead. An article in 'The Times of India' got me thinking…[…]

Intimacy Is Toxic

Dr. Richard A. Friedman, MD, in an article in 'The New York Times' parental pressures to get social has forced some young people to take drastic steps whereas they are perfectly normal being single…[…]

If you rise early this weekend: Watch planet Mercury

During the next two weeks we will be presented with an excellent opportunity to view Mercury in the early morning dawn sky…[…]

Can we call Yamuna a river in Delhi ?

Steve Fleischli and US environmentalist says 50 years ago Hudson river in New York was as the Yamuna today and …[…]

Desi Youtube clone

I stumbled upon when one of my colleagues mentioned about it…read on

Dhoom:2 is better than the original Dhoom.

That's reviewer's part of the story. Why not see the movie and blog about it. Here are a few screenshots from the movie to get you motivated….[…]


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