How to get blackmailed in broad day light in Delhi !

While traveling through ITO, I noticed a punctured tyre in my vehicle. I stopped it near the road side and looked for a puncture-wala. One was there, perhaps waiting for me. He seemed young, hardy and naïve. He offered to repair the puncture. Soon he was joined by his four other friends, who seemed eager to help him.

He started the repair work in right earnest. But somewhere in between, he had managed to cut the tube with his long screw driver like thing. The cut was in such a position that, the tube could not be repaired and a new tube had to be managed. I caught his act, but he declined his guilt.

There was a real problem now. I was with my family and in between two places. I had no choice but to find a way out. He had all the cards. Further, he had no new tube. He gave me two choices. That I go and get a new tube or let him go to Darya Ganj and purchase a new tube. He named the price of the tube and also his labour charge. The price he named was much above the market price as I knew the exact cost of the tube and the labour charge. So, I informed him of the actual costs. He declined to agree and said that I may go and purchase the tube.

With no other way out, I paid him to get the new tube at a higher price and get the vehicle moving. In fact, I was caught naïve. This incident seemed to be a case of blackmailing rather than cheating.


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