Prithvi Theatre Festival 2006

The Prithvi Theatre Festival, 2006 Delhi is going to take place between 2-3 December, 2006 at Kamani Auditorium, No. 1, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi - 110001.

All the details about place where tickets are available as well as price is here. The tickets have been made available from yesterday, the 26th November, 2006. Go and grab your tickets.

If you visit the Theatre Festival, do post your reactions on the play you watched.

Special Thanks : [DoingDelhi]


Shailendra said…
congrates for new templets.
Acha laga kisi ne to meri advice mani.

Main dekh raha hun ki tumhari post are increasing good.
So keep going...
Anonymous said…
Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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