Trade Fair Fall-out

The India International Trade Fairs, is an annual journey, nearly most delhites undertake. If you ask some of them why they are at the trade fair, the reasons, will be as colourful, as one adds to an excuse. So, every body has an excuse to be at the trade fair.

I had been avoiding the fair for some years' now. But, this year, the excuses for not attending the fairs had run out. So, I was there on a Friday. I had taken particular effort to avoid Saturdays and Sundays.

May be the lack of annual pilgirmage to the fair has cast a cloud on my anticipations. I had taken for granted the food there would be varied and cheap. I had also expected to find the International Pavillion to be of interest. But, as it turned out the annual hype is misplaced. The focus of the fairs was missing. The fair was like a large Mina Bazar, where, trival goods are peddled. The variety of goods, which I had noticed only a few years back, is not there this year. This killed my interest my the fair. And in between all this, I also got lost. I had to get hold of a map, to find a way out.

The question is, will I again visit the trade fair, next year. It depends I would say. If I get a free pass, I will surely be there. Otherwise, you know what I mean.

That is being a delhite, isn't it.


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