Why you should visit Connaught Place more often?

CP was a chance discovery after I took up an accommodation in a near by area. Lonely and inquisitive, my walks in and around the place lead me one day to Nehru Park (also called Central Park) in the middle of CP. I took up a seat under the parapet and loved it. You don’t love loneliness, but here I felt, I was not alone. The place called me often, and I was a regular till one day, Metro lay claim to it.

With the park occupied with construction work, I took up other pursuits, till one November afternoon. With nothing to do, a thought of CP had the desired effect. So back I was at CP on that Saturday. I took a stroll, which started from the India Today gallery. The whole inner circle with its all white colours and pillared columns exuded a kind of relaxed attitude. A cookie at Wegner’s, Iron hairs to enjoy the setting sun, a clear horizon and tall buildings all around, felt like you were in another world altogether.

Nothing much has changed today except for the Metro Station escalators and more people. But then, some thing good should be shared. More and more people are coming to CP not because they don’t like malls, but to experience a kind old world charm which the place offers along with the latest stuff money can buy. This is not bad for a place which is going to celebrate its 75th birthday soon.


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Thank for this great post, i like what you


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