The Delhi Driver

The driving habits of Delhi residents amuse me. You know why? I will tell you! If you look closely at these small nuances of driving, you can say something about the character of the driver. Let me explain;-

You see a motorcyclebala driving up the footpath when there is a jam. I sure am, that this fella would have been driving a scooter sometime back and would be ferrying stuff. A small time trader, who has now graduated to motorcycle for some particular reason.

Secondly you see an Santo-wallah, honking and zig-zagging past in rush traffic. Yeah, this guy used to ride a motorcycle once, preferably a Yamaha, and has now moved to a small car, but cannot get rid of his old driving habits.

Thirdly, you notice a lanky accent on the road parked not on the side but on the road so as not to cover it fully. This, yuppie was a small car owner once. Used to shop at the market parking his car on the road side, but even though he has moved on, his habits have stayed.

Lastly, if you ever find the driver of a car sitting in the back seat and the owner driving, one thing is certain, the traffic is thin and driving a pleasure.

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