The Four Gates to Shahjahanabad

It is said that there were fourteen gateways of Shahjahanabad (the Abode of Shahjahan), of which only four remain. The rest 10 gates have been lost to history. We all have heard of them, but have seldom noticed them when traveling causually around the city. They are at the junction of the old and the New Delhi's and they not only signify this they also hold in their chest the events of times gone by. These are four significant gates of Delhi:-

Delhi Gate

Located at the intersection of Asaf Ali Road and Netaji Subash Marg, it was called the Delhi Gate because it opened towards the old cities of Delhi during the time of Emperor Shahjahan.

Kashmere Gate

Located near the ISBT, was called the Kashmere Gate because the road through it eventually led to Kashmir.

Turkman Gate

Located at Asaf Ali Road, was called the Turkman Gate after Shah Turkman (He was a holy man of great repute. He was also called Biyabani because he lived in the wilderness).

Ajmeri Gate

Located at Ajmeri Gate Chowk, Kamla market, the name of the gate seems to come from the location itself.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Sid,
Hope u remember me....we met at blogger meet at ansal plaza...with amit. I'm only Sardar ji there. Well I must say, for any location specific information in ur blogs, do attach some maps..from goole or give location as a URL). It will give more appeal to that.

Siddhartha said…
Dear Raminder,

You are correct, as usual. I am on the lower side of tech. I am working on it and hope to carry out suggestion soon. Thanks for dropping by..

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