A month that is December

What are the most important events in December? The easy answer is Christmas and Year end bash (also called New Year's eve party).

December 25th Christmas celebrations are understandable, what is intriguing is the New Years eve parties. The new year's eve party event has become a festival in itself without the undertone of any religious sentiments. Add to it the immense commercial interest shown by businesses. What you have are lot of promotions, glossy year-end issues of magazines, special TV shows, food, travel, entertainment.

It see this as an managed distraction created by interested groups to while away the focus of individuals for planning their future for the coming year and at the same time assess the major events of the past year. A new year is the time for recollection and planning and most importantly, setting personal goals with a clear head. If these moments are whiled away partying, you guessed it right, the direction of achievements may shift. December is indeed a very important month.

So, this year, before you go to that New Year's Eve party, have you planned your 2007?

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