MTNL: A free Broadband Connection Offer

Most people write off MTNL on the quality of service they offer. Basically, people have complaints about MTNL's Landline connections. So, when the mobile revolution took place, MTNL faced the brunt and as people started surrendering their landlines by their droves.

That was, three years back in 2003. Now, MTNL is back with a bang. Check out their Broadband Offers. The offers are cheapest in town. The latest offer will not cost a dime, if you have a DSL modem to boot and you can also have 1 month's minimum usage charges waived off too. This latest offer is valid upto 22nd December, 2006. You can choose between DSL-399, DSL-749, Tri-590 NU, TriB-199, TriB-199, TriB-Invitation, TriB-250 Combo, Tri B-Phone 500 Combo (@256 kbps) and Trib-599(@512 kbps). Details are at or call 1500 or 22221500 for more info.

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