A tall order

They say, more things change, more they remain the same. It can't be much far from truth, in the case of Delhi.

It can't be called a shower, which happened today in Delhi, at most we can called it a light drizzle. But see the effects of this light drizzle. The whole Central Business District is facing disruption of traffic due to traffic lights failure. The whole CP is in mess, add to it slippery roads and Delhi drivers cut-edge habits. Can accidents be far away?

Delhi, now boasts of Metro and is going to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games but, it still can't address the basic amenities such as continuous power or decent traffic lights which can function after a light drizzle. If this is a tall order to achieve, then what Delhi is doing now on the infrastructure front are just cosmetic makeovers, the kind we see in our televisions soaps. I have nothing more to say ...

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