20 Minutes

Most of us read newspapers that too with the morning cup of tea/coffee. Research suggests readers take just 15 to 17 minutes with newspaper each day. At max, 20 minutes is the time one spends reading a newspapers every day.

So, First there was the Newspaper. Then came the City supplements. Then, classified supplements, job supplements, matrimony supplements ... today we even have tender supplements. Its confusing whether the supplements come with the newspaper or the newspaper with supplements.

So, first there was largely 'text' in the Newspapers. Then came pictures. These days, we have color, blown-out pictures and sometimes glossy-paper editions like magazines. All this in the belief that a picture is worth a 1000 words and color picture are worth a million words.

So, first there were Newspapers in big sizes. Then came stripped down versions. These days, like the preference of our erstwhile colonial masters, we have tabloids, with skinny picture of starlets seeking limelight gaining more space with each passing day.

All this to fit into our 20 minutes. Imagine the future, when there will be still lesser time to read. What next? I only ponder...

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