Everybody will gain, that's being told to us. I have to make up my mind, for I am a Delhite. Like every thing in these confused times, the right course eludes the man on the street. Yes its the CAS Vs. DTH story, again.

The options for accessing our daily dose of IDIOT BOX are (i) Conditional Access System (CAS) to view pay channel in the existing cable TV, (ii) Direct to Home (DTH), (iii) IP TV (to by provide by MTNL) or (iv) good old antenna to watch free-to-air channels.

Any change in the present system of accessing TV will come at a cost. It may vary according to platform we choose. My cable-wallah said, even if I only access the free to air channels with my cable connection, my monthly subscription rate would not be affected. Awe, was my reaction. I had expected lowering of tariff. I tossed back by asking, should I not change to DTH. He smiled and said, wait and watch. That's what I am doing.

Internet Protocol TV is another interesting option with which there is a telephone connection, a broadband connection and TV output and all this with a single cable and service provider. At the India International Trade Fair this year, MTNL pavilion had on show this new form of service. I am not an expert, but what I saw impressed me. About the old style antennas to watch the Doordarshan channels, there ain't much to say.

People acting on panic are buying viewing platforms without even exploring the plethora of choices before them. And who is cashing in on the trend needs no elaboration. One thing is clear, media with all its hype has captured the dominant feeling in us and is guiding us in a direction they believe lies the remedy to all ills. So, in this world, where war is created to choose between CAS or the DTH, I am without sides and still not complaining.

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