If caught, you are a thief!

Truth is stranger than fiction. Yesterday, the judgment delivered by the Supreme Court churned such a feeling in me. The famous case involved Members of Parliament caught in the cash-for-query scam. The whole issue had boiled down to a fight between the Judiciary and the Legislature.

On both side were people of great wisdom and erudition and power. So the judgment, which was delivered by the five Judge bench of the Supreme Court was less than a pot-boiler because there would be no more 'acts' that would follow. On after thought, the judgment was the best that could have been delivered, but it left most of the tricky questions unanswered. Take this portion for instance where the judgment states:-

"Proceeding (of Parliament) which may be tainted on account of substantive or

gross illegality or unconstitutionality are not protected from judicial scrutiny".

In short, the judgment legitimising Speaker stand on the issue has in no two word made it clear that procedure followed in Parliament are open to question in the Courts and both the Judiciary and the Legislature are under the Constitution of India' from which they draw their powers.In short, this judgment made it clear that every Indian is under the 'Constitution of India' and by no means above it. So the status-quo between the Legislature and Judiciary continues for now.

That leaves the main question answered, which started all this in the first place. 11 MPs were caught in the cash-for-query scam out of a total of 750. Will the expulsion of these MPs clear our conscience that they were the only elected representative who were indulging in this sort of activity (cash-for query scam) and not the rest ? That is a big question, the answers to which will come in time and is short bursts. So until one is caught, he is a gentleman, so goes the Law.

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Anonymous said…
11 MP's took cash for query. how cheap.. others take cash for other better kind of things. there should be dignity in corruption as well.

As the fayumbus dialog of actor Pran goes : "choro'n ke hee to usoool hote hain"

... and thanks for your comments. hope to see you around.
Siddhartha said…
Thank U, amitken. You are a fellow delhite and understand better. See you around...

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