Tonight, is the night

January 8th was the coldest day in Delhi in the last four decades. Flashback : New Year's Eve, 2007 was chilling climatically, an omen of things to come. It may be 2 degree Centigrade on Jan 9.

Cold is good in many ways. Some of the Arctic region countries like Norway, Canada or Russia produce some of the best computer programmers. It is said that, when it gets cold, people have two options; first is to create babies and the second is to write computer programme code. I think the coders may not be the majority, but they have made a mark for themselves in computer security field worldwide.

January being the coldest month of the year, lowest temperature for winter was expected, but not in the degree being felt at present. Someone mentioned to me today that, on the morning of the Republic Day few years back, he had noticed snow on the chairs laid down for visitor who would come to watch the parade at Rajpath. Surprising, but not improbable.

For the record did you know bald is hot this season ( read that in The Week dated 14 Jan). Few year back, not satisfied with my hair-do, I had opted to go bald. It was October then. That year ( it think it was 2003), frozen mind had overtaken me and I was out of ideas for the whole of 2004. I can only dream what will have to those bald souls.

It is night now and its very cold outside so what do you do? Very simple, pick up a fight with your spouse/girlfriend and have a good nights sleep...

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