Winter is behind us now!

A hiatus is a good time to ponder and wonder and flounder. Winter is behind us now and summer is ahead us. So, now it is good time to think, thank and move on and miss those wintry days of deep fried food, late morning sleep escapades and hot coffee's. Hiatus is an rejoinder to the two extreme seasons. And, the Republic Day will end this hiatus and signal the coming of hot summer.

What do we expect this summer? Yes, before the summer starts, the winter sale will precede it and the bargain hunters will be all over the city and after that, holi and after that the power cuts will pinch the heart and increase in the cost of vegetable will hurt the mind. An add to it another budget and may be a new tax regime. And can we forget the Delhiites who have young kids ready to join school. An ordeal will begin.

When April is behind us, beer will flow and with mid May, summer break plans will be in full swing which will be carried out sometime in June. When July hits Delhi, sultry weather will engulf the rich and the poor and as August and September come, the hope of cool mornings and cuddly afternoons will fill the heart. When Diwali arrives, the celebration season will start and soon Christmas will augur the New Year.

Days will pass, good as well as bad. Some of these days, will leave us with memories of life and others will show us its realities, but, none the less, these will be days of life. I wonder, when the passing of days makes less sense, is it that, middle age has engulfed me and days of thunder are behind me or is it that, when so much senseless things are going around you, it make us insensible to life itself...its a good time to ponder, wonder and flounder indeed.

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Anonymous said…
Nice thoughts, my boy! ; - )

Cheers, Rohit
Siddhartha said…
Thanks Rohit. I would suggest any body reading this comment to go to technorati and search the tag 'Delhi', Rohit's posting are all around. The work always speaks louder than voice. Thanks again, for stopping over.

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