AIIMS needs a break !

AIIMS, as we all is the premier organisation for medical research in the country. But Metronow's Soni Gangwan take on the institution raises questions from a certain perspective. She writes:


" 1999, I can recall going to AIIMS .. for a press conference where doctors told fascinating stories about the cases they were handling and research they were doing...

But that was then. Today, if you call a doctor for information, that standard response is ' I cannot speak unless you get it clear'. "


The recent coverage by the media of a dead monkey in an overhead water tank in the institution spreading illness has neither added to the image AIIMS has come to acquire ' a very political medical campus'.

Having said all this, you cannot takeaway from AIIMS the quality of doctors it produces or the quality of treatment, patients get here (you have to factor in the quality of medical treatment available in the country in general) . Doctors not talking to the media cannot be construed as a low point for the institution, though it would have been good, if they talked and spread the good word or a PR institution talked on behalf of AIIMS. Maybe the recent political events have to be blamed for it.

What is now required, maybe to leave AIIMS alone for sometime, so that it can unshackle itself from the image it has acquired in the recent past and revert back to the roots it is known for.

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