Budget Blues

Like any big event these days the Annual Budget of the Union of India is on marketing over drive, thanks to popular interest. A day doesn't go by, where you get to read/see on mainstream newspapers/TV what reliable sources familiar with the process have to say about the new proposal for individuals/corporates in the budget.

And in the moment of the hour, every year, we over look the simple fact that the 'Budget' document is the closely guarded secret. An untoward incident concerning this document can bring forth widespread political wrath.

And still, we go on believing all those sweet and sour proposals fed to us, until on the day of the budget. And as the day draws nearer, more the hype, less the facts and soo ... everybody's ears are glued to what Finance Minister has to say. And you find out without any malaise towards anybody what's in store ... (including the surprises)

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