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What do u do on a rainy saturday afternoon like today. A glass of vodka with a good puff looks ideal. Doesn't it! But most don't share this optimism. Grey skies bring memories of monsoon. Delhi does not love monsoon and for that matter rain drops from the sky. So the grey skies and wet earth means cosy quilts, Johny Waker and (may be) a good read.

In DC Blogs:

Not looking forward to Valentine's Day, writes Golden Silence, who wants to know: Why there is a holiday to make us perpetually single people feel like crap is a mystery to me.

BLOGTO ( Toronto, Canada) reports :

Sing_yr_heart.jpg As a press stunt for their upcoming Valentine's Day rom-com release, Warner Bros is sponsoring the Music and Lyrics Karaoke Lounge this Saturday and Sunday at the Roots Organic Coffee House. The event will be hosted by Canadian comedian Craig Lauzon (CBC's Royal Canadian Air Farce) as well as the Gladstone Hotel's regular award-winning karaoke host Peter Styles.

londonist has take on :


There's a throwaway line in Clint Eastwood's Flags of our Fathers that underlines the weakness in that film but promised that there was much more to come in his companion piece, Letters from Iwo Jima:

This was the fifth day, sir. The battle went on for thirty five more.

Thin_Cities.jpgWhen Freud divvied up the psyche and revealed the ego, superego and id, he left out one important element. The nerd.

gapersblock has a inspiring story:


RIP Herb Linneweh, the frugal, mild-mannered retired janitor who stashed $700,000 away in envelopes around his house, to be given to seven charities after his death. Your feel-good story of the day.

Metroblogging Hyderabad has age old story (though dated):

metro_hyderabad.jpgAnd we dint know how much struggle she had faced to meet her lover on time, but we must be happy that his waiting came to an happy end!!

Don't let the saturday slip away, says boledil.

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